About the Founder - Chaplain Anthony James

Anthony James is the Chief Executive Officer of Men of Vision Exposed, Inc. (MOVE), a non-profit organization that provides mentorship to men who have been incarcerated and at-risk youth. Mr. James, also known as Chaplain James, has overcome many, many challenges to build an organization that leads and guides men to look beyond their pasts to build powerful futures. 

Mr. James is a living example of this being possible as he has dealt with the realities of overcoming drug addiction, incarceration and the obstacles to navigating the child support system. 

He says “Men need support as well to take control over our lives, support our families and build thriving communities.” MOVE, Inc. is overseeing a new process that works with fathers to settle the debt of back child support owed by its members so their children can thrive. 

He is a graduate from the Mason Kelly Religious Institute. There he earned his credentials as a certified Para-Chaplin, HIV Counselor, and Crisis Intervention Specialist. He is certified as a Mentor from the Leadership Training Institute (LTI), James devotes his time toward transforming the lives of men and young adults. A restorer of hope and faith, James imparts his real life experience of drugs and incarceration as a deterrent mechanism for at-risk populations.

A native of Amityville Long Island, Chaplain James looks towards the future and the endless stream of “green lights” and opportunities that await him and his mentees. While in Amityville, Chaplain James created and partnered with community organizations to lead youth basketball camps and tournaments, galas and golf tournaments to bring together the Town of Babylon to focus on improving lives and giving back to the community.  

An innovative and progressive thinker, Chaplain James is on a mission to change every life that crosses his path. His delivery will leave you mesmerized and inspired as he convinces you that all things are possible if you believe.

Chaplain James served as the Para-Chaplain for the Nassau County Jail. There he counseled inmates on decision making and spiritual growth. Chaplain James  is passionate about mentoring youth and empowering men to take bold action  to improve every area of their lives. 

​MOVE, Inc. is leading the way to provide solutions that address parental leadership training, healthy parenting, child support payment solutions and working to transform public policies to make it possible to become self-reliant.

Author of the newly released book, “The Millionaire’s Brother: Overcoming The Addictions of Life”, in which Chaplain James speaks of overcoming any obstacles in life and the power of creating your own vision outside of the shadow of the life of his millionaire brother, a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

MOVE, Inc. headquarters moved to Raleigh, North Carolina 

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