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The Millionaire's Brother
Overcoming the Addictions of Life
by Anthony James

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Anthony James should have been dead ten times over. 

Once being a curious boy with a big heart, no vision and a lack 
of direction that kept him going in circles and eventually spiraling 
completely out of control. 

Knowing the Lord at a young age was his saving grace. In the most 
harrowing situations he faced while wondering out on the streets, 
he leaned on God to keep him. Through miracle after miracle, that 
is exactly what God did. 

He kept him through rebellion, drug addiction, incarceration and 
difficult relationships to become the successful Chaplain and 
business owner that he is today. 

Each and every day Mr. James counts his blessings not only to be 
alive, but to have a sound mind and the energy and strength to use 
all he has learned to impact the lives of others. 

His prayer is that this book will help you overcome fear and the 
limitations through his powerful stories, this book will lead you to a 
place to take full responsibility for your choices and know that you can 
be the author of your own destiny at any time. 

Get ready to be opened up to new dimensions of success and 
knowing who you are and get to know and see your true self instead 
of looking at other people’s lives. 

200 pages, paperback
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